[EDITORIAL] Re: How to build kuickshow?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Sep 28 21:44:49 BST 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Sunday 28 September 2008 13:44:39 Jonathan Rawle wrote:
>  > I've solved my problem before my message was approved! I downloaded the
>  > latest kdegraphics 3.5 source and was able to build that again the 
> version
>  > of KDE that comes with CentOS, then install just Kuickshow.
>  >
>  > I see why RedHat don't include Kuickshow: some dependencies such as ImLib
>  > are not included in RHEL, I had to get them from third party 
> repositories.
>  >
>  > Does anyone know if Kuickshow is still being maintained? There 
> doesn't seem
>  > to be a page for it at KDE Extragear.
>  >
> I'm not certain, but I suspect not, as I can't find anything recent 
> either. Some of the functionality is on ShowFoto, and Gwenview can do 
> everything Kuickshow did and more, I think, especially with kipi 
> plugins, although users of KDE 4 still don't have the plugins. Since 
> you're running KDE 3.5 I would think that Gwenview + kipi plugins is 
> your best bet.
Yes, Kuickshow is an orphan.  It was decided that it would be dropped 
since Gwenview conformed to the way KDE apps were normally designed. 
KView is also an orphan except that I am the maintainer.  There were 
some political issues with my working on it which I don't understand (If 
it is OK to write a new app, why isn't it OK to modify an existing app 
so that it conforms to the KDE GUI guidelines?); but the rules said that 
I would have to make if version 3.6.x which could not be shipped with 
KDE-3.5.x.  IAC, Gwenview has turned out to be an excellent application 
so I don't see any need to port KView to KDE4 except that I prefer 
generic names for applications.

If you like the way that Kuickshow works (separate display window with 
no decorations), I suggest that you install ImageMagick.  Although it 
does not have the advantage (?) of using Imlib.  So, ImageMagick makes 
it doubly redundant except that it would be nice if the KDE/Qt GUI 
option was added to it -- as would be the case with several other 
applications.  The Sodipodi developer discovered that this wasn't that 
difficult to modify the code so that it could be built either for GNOME 
or KDE.  And, (number 3) another issue, Imlib is also orphaned; it was 
replaced by Imlib-2 which is not compatible so Kuickshow would have 
needed to be rewritten to use the new library.

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