[EDITORIAL] Re: How to build kuickshow?

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 29 09:31:07 BST 2008

On Sunday 28 September 2008 21:44:49 James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > On Sunday 28 September 2008 13:44:39 Jonathan Rawle wrote:
> >  > I've solved my problem before my message was approved! I downloaded
> >  > the
> >  >
> >  > latest kdegraphics 3.5 source and was able to build that again the
> >
> > version
> >
> >  > of KDE that comes with CentOS, then install just Kuickshow.
> >  >
> >  >
> >  >
> >  > I see why RedHat don't include Kuickshow: some dependencies such as
> >  > ImLib
> >  >
> >  > are not included in RHEL, I had to get them from third party
> >
> > repositories.
> >
> >  > Does anyone know if Kuickshow is still being maintained? There
> >
> > doesn't seem
> >
> >  > to be a page for it at KDE Extragear.
> >
> > I'm not certain, but I suspect not, as I can't find anything recent
> > either. Some of the functionality is on ShowFoto, and Gwenview can do
> > everything Kuickshow did and more, I think, especially with kipi
> > plugins, although users of KDE 4 still don't have the plugins. Since
> > you're running KDE 3.5 I would think that Gwenview + kipi plugins is
> > your best bet.
> Yes, Kuickshow is an orphan.  It was decided that it would be dropped
> since Gwenview conformed to the way KDE apps were normally designed.
> KView is also an orphan except that I am the maintainer.  There were
> some political issues with my working on it which I don't understand (If
> it is OK to write a new app, why isn't it OK to modify an existing app
> so that it conforms to the KDE GUI guidelines?); but the rules said that
> I would have to make if version 3.6.x which could not be shipped with
> KDE-3.5.x.  IAC, Gwenview has turned out to be an excellent application
> so I don't see any need to port KView to KDE4 except that I prefer
> generic names for applications.
> If you like the way that Kuickshow works (separate display window with
> no decorations), I suggest that you install ImageMagick.  Although it
> does not have the advantage (?) of using Imlib.  So, ImageMagick makes
> it doubly redundant except that it would be nice if the KDE/Qt GUI
> option was added to it -- as would be the case with several other
> applications.  The Sodipodi developer discovered that this wasn't that
> difficult to modify the code so that it could be built either for GNOME
> or KDE.  And, (number 3) another issue, Imlib is also orphaned; it was
> replaced by Imlib-2 which is not compatible so Kuickshow would have
> needed to be rewritten to use the new library.

All of which says that many 'wish-list' things are possible, but not without 
substantial work that can't be taken on by people already well-commited.   
IOW, if you have the interest and the capability the KDE project would love to 
hear from you.

I love kuickshow too, and I'm sure these issues don't only refer to that one 

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