Viewing video in a browser (KDE 4,1,1)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Wed Sep 24 10:21:02 BST 2008

Anne Wilson wrote:
> I'm trying to work out how to set a file association that will play .ogv 
> files in a browser - or for that matter any simple way of playing an 
> .ogv file from a link, even if it has to open an external player.
If you left click a link it should play (either embedded or in an 
external player depending on how you have the file associations 
configured).  Unfortunately, there is an issue.  When using HTTP, the 
MIME type will be determined by the server.

So, the question is: when that window pops up asking if you want to 
"Save as" or "Open", what is the MIME type?  That would be the second 
line which starts with "Type:".

> I tried first to find a setting for playing embedded - but no 
> application suitable seems to be listed. I then set it to play in an 
> external player. Kaffeine and RealPlayer are both listed on the General 
> tab, so I assumed that one of them would pick it up - no such luck.

Please provide your theory to the Usability department. :-)

No, this will not work you need to have it listed in the window in the 
"Embedded" tab.

> Every time I try I see a page of symbols and a warning that I'm viewing 
> a binary file.

This would tend to indicate that there is a server issue.

> It's really annoying to have to save the file to view it.
Yes, it is annoying, but if it is a server problem all you can really do 
is complain.


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