Viewing video in a browser (KDE 4,1,1)

Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Wed Sep 24 12:33:00 BST 2008

On Wednesday 24 September 2008 10:21:02 James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> > I'm trying to work out how to set a file association that will play .ogv
> > files in a browser - or for that matter any simple way of playing an
> > .ogv file from a link, even if it has to open an external player.
> If you left click a link it should play (either embedded or in an
> external player depending on how you have the file associations
> configured).  Unfortunately, there is an issue.  When using HTTP, the
> MIME type will be determined by the server.
Yes - likely the problem.  This is a KDE-Planet link, but the file appears to 
identify itself as a BIN  file.  Somewhat surprising :-)

> So, the question is: when that window pops up asking if you want to
> "Save as" or "Open", what is the MIME type?  That would be the second
> line which starts with "Type:".
> > I tried first to find a setting for playing embedded - but no
> > application suitable seems to be listed. I then set it to play in an
> > external player. Kaffeine and RealPlayer are both listed on the General
> > tab, so I assumed that one of them would pick it up - no such luck.
> Please provide your theory to the Usability department. :-)
Of course it wasn't sensible.

> No, this will not work you need to have it listed in the window in the
> "Embedded" tab.
I did know that, but the options offered on the embedded tab did not include a 
single multimedia player, as far as I could see.

> > Every time I try I see a page of symbols and a warning that I'm viewing
> > a binary file.
> This would tend to indicate that there is a server issue.

> > It's really annoying to have to save the file to view it.
> Yes, it is annoying, but if it is a server problem all you can really do
> is complain.

Fair enough.  I'll have to see if I can find another feed that has an .ogv 
link, and see how that fares.

Thanks for answering

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