shortcuts: control center won't change them.

Ryo Furue furue at
Fri Oct 10 19:29:47 BST 2008

Hi KDEers,

I'd like to make a correction.

| [. . .] After closing the Control Center,
|   $ cd .kde
|   $ find . -mtime 1
|   ./share/apps/RecentDocuments
|   ./share/apps/RecentDocuments/hdb[7].desktop
|   ./share/apps/RecentDocuments/kmix.png.desktop
|   ./share/config/khelpcenterrc
|   ./share/config/ksnapshotrc
|   $

Sorry this part was rubbish. I should've used "-mtime -1" to get
files that had been modified since the day before.  By doing that,

    $ cd .kde
    $ ls -lt `find . -mtime -1` | head

I was able to find which files are modified by the
"Keyboard Shortcuts" department of the Control Center:


I made a backup of each file, used the Control Center to "change"
keyboard shortcuts, and compared each file with its backup.  The
modification date of each file was changed but its contents was
identical with its backup.  Hm. . . .

Is this some kind of a bug?  In the last email message of mine,
I forgot to mention my system:  the testing distribution
of Debian GNU/Linux.  That means, it's KDE 3.x .

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