shortcuts: control center won't change them.

Ryo Furue furue at
Thu Oct 9 20:41:27 BST 2008

Hi KDEers,

I'm wondering why my Control Center doesn't change my shortcuts.

1) Control Center > Regional Accessibility > Keyboard Shortcuts >
   Application Shortcuts;
2) Change the "Current Scheme" to "Unix Scheme";
   Then you'll see that the "Quit" item in the "File"
   category acquire a "Ctrl+Q" shortcut, among other changes.
3) Press the "Apply" button.  You'll still see the "Ctrl+Q" shortcut.
4) Close the Control Center.
5) Do (1).  The change is gone.  "Ctrl+Q" is not there.

Ending the current KDE session and logging-in again doesn't help.
(If you do (1) after the relogging-in, the "Ctrl+Q" shortcut is gone.)

Where are the shortcut settings are stored?  After closing the Control

  $ cd .kde
  $ find . -mtime 1

I don't see anything related to shortcuts.
I found khotkeysrc and khotkeys_update, but they aren't modified
by the Control Center.
I deleted these two file, ended the current session, logged
in again, and repeated the cycle (1)--(5) above, but nothing
changes.  Neither khotkeysrc or khotkeys_update was created.

What do you think is wrong?

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