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On 2008/10/10 01:54 (GMT+0100) Graham Todd composed:

> On Thu, 09 Oct 2008 15:58:58 -0400

> Felix Miata <mrmazda at ij.net> wrote:

>> >> >> I have some .dmg files made with Mac OS X that I need burned to
>> >> >> CD, but don't have a Mac with a burner. In my 3.5.5 K3B I don't
>> >> >> see anything anywhere in its menus about burning a .dmg to CD
>> >> >> or DVD. Is this possible in any later K3B version, or some
>> >> >> other Linux app?

> By "Mac with a burner" do you mean a disk drive with a burner that will
> not burn disks, or a software burner that will not make the burner
> burn disks?

A friend bought a retail box Phillips IDE burner back around 2000, which I
installed at the time in his K6/2 PC. To try to burn the .dmg files, I
removed the DVD reader from his Mac G4, and installed his Phillips burner in
its place. I tested its functionality partially by playing a music CD in it,
then tried to use his Mac's OS X Tiger-supplied disk utility application to
burn the saved .dmgs, but always got the message "Unable to burn ...dmg. The
device failed to repond properly, unable to recover or retry." when
attempting to burn with that application.

> For the Mac, "Burn" is a good open-source application.  You can find
> out more at http://burn-osx.sourceforge.net/, so if you're only missing
> the software, try Burn.

I already put the burner back where it came from, expecting to be able to
find a Linux burning solution. But if I can't do that, I'll give it a try.

> Now to the more specific KDE question.  I have downloaded .dmg files on
> my Kubuntu box and burnt them individually to a DVD by K3B.  Here's how

Were the resulting CDs bootable?

> I do it (it could be slightly different for you):

> 1.  Its not necessary but it helps if all the files are in the same
> directory.

By "files", you mean the individual 650M .dmg files I need to burn?

> 2.Open a new DVD or CD project (depending upon the medium your burning
> to) and then add .dmg files.

Only one of each could possibly fit a single CD.

> 3. When you have sufficient files added to your project, from the Tools
> menu, select "Burn CD image" or "Burn DVD ISO image" and an ISO image
> of the project will be created and burnt to disk.

So would the .dmg image mounted on /mnt added to the project automatically
become a clone of the original bootable CD, as would an iso made from a
bootable CD burned back with K3B?

> You can then load the disk into your Mac and load in individual .dmg
> files.

They don't need to be loaded. They're already stored there, and can be
mounted for the purpose of accessing the individual files they contain.
But,the purpose of the exercise is to restore the .dmg files as the bootable
CDs they were originally, either using the Mac with a temporarily installed
burner, or burning them somehow with Linux. I'm really surprised K3B doesn't
have this function already built into it.
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