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Mon Oct 6 15:03:39 BST 2008

On Monday 06 Oct 2008 4:24:54 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Monday 06 October 2008 10:23:04 I.s,baran Ak├žay?r wrote:
> > I love and enjoy using kde4 ( a normal user would not definitely )
> > thanks for your work btw, but i think the same about versioning, to
> > early to say even "it works" or "stable"
> Just a couple of comments about this curiously unhelpful thread -
> The KDE team distributed KDE 4.0 as a developer distribution.  If packagers
> made the decision to include it in their distros, that has helped and
> hindered the team in equal amounts, I think.
> Second - the stability and state of things working does vary enormously
> according to your distro, and possibly the combination of your hardware and
> distro.  I know this to be a fact, as I have two distros running KDE4 at
> the moment and have had a third one not long ago.  One of those is
> considerably more stable than the other two.
> It would be sensible, before writing this kind of criticism, to acknowledge
> that many factors, including human failure, may contribute to problems.

I agree. I may not be the average user. Heck! i am not the average user and 
absolutely love KDE4. And what i know is that the people that i have 
introduced to Linux lately, i did so with kde4. First, simply because i use 
kde4 on a daily basis and it would be easiest for me to help them out *should* 
they have any issues. The only issues that any of them have had are issues 
mostly related to the fact that they have to use other programs than they were 
used to on windows and things more fundamental like how to install certain 
programs that they have heard so much about.

Speaking for KDE in particular, I later got them using other computers 
occasionally with were loaded with other DE include kde 3.5. They never liked 
it! Most of these people now use linux and kde4 exclusively.

I know that what i say above is not of much use here. But i just can't help 
think that sometimes the problem is between the chair and the screen.
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