Fighting line noise with Kmail

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Mon Jun 30 21:09:11 BST 2008

cr wrote:
> No, it isn't spikes, it's a continuous irregular hiss like the 'static' on an 
> old radio, in the background.   

this is from 'dirty water' between lines. hiss can contain some spikes, many or
none. hard to say, and reason of oscope to look at just what you are having.

sometimes you will/may even hear other parties talking.

old radio? as in not push button like in car radio or newer preset push button
tuners? you must not have listened to am lately. dialing between stations, you
have noise. unless radio/tuner has some sort of quietening circuit.

fm is quiet as it is done in phase detector. if i am recalling. has been to
long to remember.

> I'll have a look at their site, certainly.

reason of transtector is their suppressors do not degrade like mov ones do.

> But I have no idea whether any, or how many, of my neighbours suffer the same 

this is really where you can get up petitioners. talk to your neighbors, from
end of line to where there are no problems. form a comity, contact news papers,
even 'talk show' radio stations. a small herd blowing their trumpets will draw
more herds.

> thing.  I suspect it's just a local thing, one bad section of their line that 
> gets waterlogged.   (It goes away completely in dry weather).   Could even be 

> just a few line pairs with dodgy insulation.

i would imagine it is not just local, it usually happens at drop junctions. it
can also happen in spans where outer plastic/poly jacket breaks down to allow
water entry. good cable will have a metal inner jacket and less problems.

> That's useful to know.  Thanks.

google and other search engine sites search a data base of words. 'boolean
logic' [another intelligent george] is used, AND, OR, NOT, NOR. must be in
caps and word or words grouped in double quote, " ". advantage of google-linux
is that they have a data base just for linux, caused by multitude of linux
users looking for information.

> Thanks for the input.

my pleasure. anytime.




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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