Fighting line noise with Kmail

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Sun Jun 29 13:10:31 BST 2008

On Sunday 29 June 2008, cr wrote:
> Any time after heavy rain, Telescum delivers more line noise than signal to
> my modem.    I get bits of signal, long periods of inactivity, and every
> now and then the modem just gives up and drops off line.
> What makes this even more annoying are a couple of features of Kmail -
> 1.   Kmail downloads all the waiting messages before deleting any off the
> server
> 2.  Hitting 'Check Mail' has NO effect (i.e. sends no signal) if there are
> still messages in the current batch waiting to download
> So if there are say 100 messages, and it drops after 90, then when I
> redial, 'Check Mail' has no effect.   And if I close Kmail, then restart
> it, it will start downloading all 100 messages all over again, and if the
> modem drops again then this can go on for ever....
> Is there any way to get Kmail to delete each message off the ISP's server
> as soon as it is downloaded?

I think there is no GUI option for this, but it sounds technically possible, 
so there might be a hidden one, i.e. through editing a config file.
However, since this would be the worst possible way performance wise, it might 
not be implemented at all.

What you could try in any case is using POP filters (Settings -> Configure POP 
filters) to defer downloading of some emails, e.g. all above a certain size 
or all not from people in your address book.

This is actually quite an interesting use case (only download N messages per 
patch), you should check if there is a wish item on for it or 
consider adding one.


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