Fighting line noise with Kmail

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Mon Jun 30 08:27:33 BST 2008

On Sunday 29 June 2008 21:38, g wrote:
> cr wrote:
> > It's New Zealand Telecom's customers name for their favourite company 
> > :-)
> ok. from spelling, i thought that is what you meant.
> > No, I'm in the city on copper wiring.   I've just bought a 'rural modem'
> > (Dynalink V1456VQE - R1 Rural) which is intended for use in the country
> > where signals are expected to be lousy.   It's managing remarkably well
> > against Telecom's line noise, considering I can hear the noise crackling
> > in my phone.
> if it was maybe lightening induced, i would suggest a good line suppressor
> like what is made by transtector,
> except that rain does not make spikes, it is shorts. yet, if there are
> current rushes, spikes could be induced.

No, it isn't spikes, it's a continuous irregular hiss like the 'static' on an 
old radio, in the background.   

> if you know someone with an oscilloscope, you should ask them to hook on
> your line to see it you are getting spikes. if so, transtector would be who
> to contact.
> pops and crackles could be reduced with filtering, but filtering is going
> to attenuate frequencies used in modem signal carrier. this may not be as
> much of a problem with a 'rural modem'.
> dynalink does make some nice equipment. have you consulted them? if they
> recommend spike filter, again, go with transtector. check their site, even
> if you have no electronic background, they do present in a way that you
> should be able to understand why i favor them.

I'll have a look at their site, certainly.

> > About half of New Zealand.
> how about a boycott? like every one holds back paying bill for a month
> would cause them a hurt. petitions to government can also work when you
> have enough signatures from voting public.

I wish  :)   

But I have no idea whether any, or how many, of my neighbours suffer the same 
thing.  I suspect it's just a local thing, one bad section of their line that 
gets waterlogged.   (It goes away completely in dry weather).   Could even be 
just a few line pairs with dodgy insulation.   

> > says it must be a fault in my wiring.  (!!!)
> here again, as above.
> remember this, 1 voice is faint, 50 to a 100 starts a disturbance, like a
> hyena, 1,000's will roar like a lion. 10,000's and you have a herd of bull
> elephants.
> > That's where it is.  Unfortunately there's nothing I personally can do
> > about it.
> show some tusks.
> > I'm fairly sure Telecom are required to provide me with a decent
> > connection. It's just nailing them down that's difficult.
> always is for one. many, no. start up a herd. got any computer groups
> there?
> > Meanwhile, I'm trying to see what else I can do (like Kmail settings) to
> > minimise the nuisance.
> i used kmail and evolution to get information for using yum to load
> thunderbird on this system and i do not recall anything that would do
> what you want.
> i did notice that mozilla has pulled a lot of what was in early netscape
> that could have helped you do what you want.
> if you do not get help you need thru list, try google-linux. be specific
> with your selections on first line, ie, use " " around your key words and
> 'AND' [cap letters with out ' '] between them. then back page to entries
> and use 'does not contain' line to cut down on what you see and do not
> want.

That's useful to know.  Thanks.

> something else you may want to consider, use a mail server to do what you
> are needing. this may need to done thru a distrib list. i have seen some of
> what you are wanting on fedora-list, but i do not recall what was
> recommend.
> best of luck. will keep up with your post and let you know if i see
> anything.
> wish i could help you more.

Thanks for the input.

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