Fighting line noise with Kmail

g geleem at
Sun Jun 29 10:38:44 BST 2008

cr wrote:
> It's New Zealand Telecom's customers name for their favourite company  :-)

ok. from spelling, i thought that is what you meant.

> No, I'm in the city on copper wiring.   I've just bought a 'rural modem' 
> (Dynalink V1456VQE - R1 Rural) which is intended for use in the country where 
> signals are expected to be lousy.   It's managing remarkably well against 
> Telecom's line noise, considering I can hear the noise crackling in my phone.

if it was maybe lightening induced, i would suggest a good line suppressor
like what is made by transtector,

except that rain does not make spikes, it is shorts. yet, if there are current
rushes, spikes could be induced.

if you know someone with an oscilloscope, you should ask them to hook on your
line to see it you are getting spikes. if so, transtector would be who to

pops and crackles could be reduced with filtering, but filtering is going to
attenuate frequencies used in modem signal carrier. this may not be as much
of a problem with a 'rural modem'.

dynalink does make some nice equipment. have you consulted them? if they
recommend spike filter, again, go with transtector. check their site, even
if you have no electronic background, they do present in a way that you should
be able to understand why i favor them.

> About half of New Zealand.

how about a boycott? like every one holds back paying bill for a month would
cause them a hurt. petitions to government can also work when you have enough
signatures from voting public.

> says it must be a fault in my wiring.  (!!!)

here again, as above.

remember this, 1 voice is faint, 50 to a 100 starts a disturbance, like a
hyena, 1,000's will roar like a lion. 10,000's and you have a herd of bull

> That's where it is.  Unfortunately there's nothing I personally can do about 
> it.

show some tusks.

> I'm fairly sure Telecom are required to provide me with a decent connection.  
> It's just nailing them down that's difficult.

always is for one. many, no. start up a herd. got any computer groups there?

> Meanwhile, I'm trying to see what else I can do (like Kmail settings) to 
> minimise the nuisance.

i used kmail and evolution to get information for using yum to load
thunderbird on this system and i do not recall anything that would do
what you want.

i did notice that mozilla has pulled a lot of what was in early netscape
that could have helped you do what you want.

if you do not get help you need thru list, try google-linux. be specific
with your selections on first line, ie, use " " around your key words and
'AND' [cap letters with out ' '] between them. then back page to entries
and use 'does not contain' line to cut down on what you see and do not want.

something else you may want to consider, use a mail server to do what you
are needing. this may need to done thru a distrib list. i have seen some of
what you are wanting on fedora-list, but i do not recall what was recommend.

best of luck. will keep up with your post and let you know if i see anything.

wish i could help you more.




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