Fighting line noise with Kmail

cr cr at
Sun Jun 29 08:09:46 BST 2008

On Sunday 29 June 2008 19:44, g wrote:
> cr wrote:
> > Any time after heavy rain, Telescum delivers more line noise than signal
> > to my modem.    I get bits of signal, long periods of inactivity, and
> > every now and then the modem just gives up and drops off line.
> not familiar with all of kmail config and setting it up as you question.
> i do have questions about your isp setup and rain.
> 'telescum'.
> is this a telephone company which you send and receive over a 'land line'?
It's New Zealand Telecom's customers name for their favourite company  :-)

> or are you 'land line' send and satellite down linked?
No, I'm in the city on copper wiring.   I've just bought a 'rural modem' 
(Dynalink V1456VQE - R1 Rural) which is intended for use in the country where 
signals are expected to be lousy.   It's managing remarkably well against 
Telecom's line noise, considering I can hear the noise crackling in my phone.

> do you know of anyone else with same telco [telephone company]?
About half of New Zealand.   

> ria, if kmail configs can not help you, you do need to get after your
> telco provider.
Tried that.   They send out a technician, who listens as I demonstrate that 
the line noise is there even with the phone / modem plugged in to the master 
socket on the incoming line and with all my house wiring disconnected, then 
says it must be a fault in my wiring.  (!!!)

> wet lines can happen anywhere. check 'drop box' yourself. it is where
> telco service line junctions to line entering your home. easy cure if
> you have a leak there is to spray with silicon. better yet, use urethane.
As it happens the master socket is inside my house, and it doesn't get wet.   
Anything from there on out is Telecom's responsibility, apparently.

> other wise, it is in cable junction at your drop or somewhere back to
> central office.
That's where it is.  Unfortunately there's nothing I personally can do about 

> if you are satellite down linked, noise is caused by rain blocking
> microwave signal and nothing to do but wait for clear weather.
> a few years back, a poster was having trouble with noise in land line
> when it rained and was sol because his telco was not bound by laws as
> they are here in usa. he had to restrict his internet usage to when he
> had clear days.

I'm fairly sure Telecom are required to provide me with a decent connection.  
It's just nailing them down that's difficult.  

Meanwhile, I'm trying to see what else I can do (like Kmail settings) to 
minimise the nuisance.


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