Fighting line noise with Kmail

cr cr at
Sun Jun 29 06:42:28 BST 2008

Any time after heavy rain, Telescum delivers more line noise than signal to my 
modem.    I get bits of signal, long periods of inactivity, and every now and 
then the modem just gives up and drops off line.

What makes this even more annoying are a couple of features of Kmail - 
1.   Kmail downloads all the waiting messages before deleting any off the 
2.  Hitting 'Check Mail' has NO effect (i.e. sends no signal) if there are 
still messages in the current batch waiting to download

So if there are say 100 messages, and it drops after 90, then when I 
redial, 'Check Mail' has no effect.   And if I close Kmail, then restart it, 
it will start downloading all 100 messages all over again, and if the modem 
drops again then this can go on for ever....

Is there any way to get Kmail to delete each message off the ISP's server as 
soon as it is downloaded?

And, is there any way to persuade Kmail to poke the server with a sharp stick 
to wake it up and demand it resumes sending messages?

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