(more) Dual Head in KDE4

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 28 14:44:11 BST 2008

I've read that kde4.1 doesn't play well with dual head setups.

I use a Thinkpad with Intel 915 video and a Sony X95 monitor and Kubuntu 
Hardy.  When running kde 3.5.9, xrandr works very well to create a virtual 
desktop spanning both monitors and I can orient the two monitors any way I 
want (top/bottom left/right).  (However, I did have to create a monitor 
section manually rather than use the kubuntu configuration tools.)  The xorg 
file works w/ either Gutsy or Hardy.

When I first tried 4.1 (beta 1, kubuntu debs) on this config I got a sort of 
hybrid dualhead.  There was a single large virtual "desktop" and I could move 
the mouse across both screens.  Once opened, windows could be placed anywhere 
on the virtual desktop.  Plasma panels were rendered across the bottom of the 
external screen, but could only be moved around the external screen.  However 
the upper left 1024x768 pixels on the external monitor was the only area 
where right-clicking worked and the only place where wall papers were 

When I first upgraded to beta 2 (approx 24 hours after the debs appeared in 
the repo), I thought everything was solved.  I appeared to have a full 
virtual desktop with rendered wall paper.  It was completely live and the 
panels could be rendered on either screen on any edge.  Since, then, however, 
there have been several updated kubuntu debs and a partial regression.  The 
panels can still be rendered appropriately but the active area of the desktop 
is again restricted to 1024x768 pixels on the external monitor only.

Has anyone else noted this?  Is it possible for someone to examine the changes 
between Wednesday and Friday to see if there is a smoking gun?

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