some kde4 questions

lostson lostson at
Tue Jun 24 15:58:53 BST 2008

 I am using kde 4.0.5 on Fedora 9 lets get that out of the way right away 
because maybe some of these issues have been fixed or addressed in the 
upcoming 4.1.

 #1 - I have always like using my right click custom menu and middle click for 
window list. Which usually eliminates my need for a taskbar. I have noticed 
these two options are not available in my current version, are these to be 
added back in a future release somewhere ?

 #2 - Sound notifications, what happened to the option to disable all ? I can 
turn the player off completely but what i used to do is use that option to 
turn them all off and  then only enable the ones i wish to use.

 #3 -  Where did Kate go ?

 #4 - I was recently in #plasma asking about widgets and how to build them. 
Its seems you need at least 4.1 to really build a widget due to new changes 
in plasma. Is plasma finally gonna be solid enough in 4.1 where i can start 
building widgets and not have to worry about the entire API changing again in 
4.2 ? (thanks for the info guys!)

 #5 - Where did the extragear go why is my google search bar missing in 
konqueror ?

 #6 - Why can't i download a tarball or zip file and just right click on it 
and extract anymore ? 

 OK enough for now I realize some of these questions maybe distro specific so 
i may get bombed for asking them here but any insight is helpful. 
 On a positive note i think kde4 is getting better and better and the new 
technologies seem great. Keep up the good work all!!
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