some kde4 questions

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Tue Jun 24 16:36:46 BST 2008

On Tuesday 24 Jun 2008 8:28:53 pm lostson wrote:
>  #1 - I have always like using my right click custom menu and middle click
> for window list. Which usually eliminates my need for a taskbar. I have
> noticed these two options are not available in my current version, are
> these to be added back in a future release somewhere ?

There is nothing to that effect in 4.1 either. Not sure of future plans but 
looks unlikely to be in the making.

>  #2 - Sound notifications, what happened to the option to disable all ? I
> can turn the player off completely but what i used to do is use that option
> to turn them all off and  then only enable the ones i wish to use.

Clearly, that is missing. maybe file a wishlist?

>  #3 -  Where did Kate go ?

Dis you mean kedit? Kate is still there but kedit is gone.

>  #4 - I was recently in #plasma asking about widgets and how to build them.
> Its seems you need at least 4.1 to really build a widget due to new changes
> in plasma. Is plasma finally gonna be solid enough in 4.1 where i can start
> building widgets and not have to worry about the entire API changing again
> in 4.2 ? (thanks for the info guys!)

AFAIK there will be more changes to the plasma API for 4.2 but will maintain 
backward compatibility while adding more features. So with 4.1 you should be 
good to go.

>  #6 - Why can't i download a tarball or zip file and just right click on it
> and extract anymore ?

That used be provided by konqueror add-on service menu scripts and dolphin 
should support konqueror menu additions. So if your distribution ships them 
you should get them.
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