Dual Head in KDE4

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 23 17:00:04 BST 2008

Anders Rosendal wrote:
> I've been searching information regarding dual head in KDE4, but without success.
> I'm running KDE4 on Ubuntu, and have a working configuration in both Gnome and KDE 3.5, but no luck with KDE4.
> Using Google there are some discussions regarding Dual Head, but no concrete information. Quite a lot of people seams to be having problem.
> Can anyone point me towards information regarding this issue.

I assume by "dual head" you mean "Xinerama"? Since you say it's working 
in Gnome and KDE3, I assume your X is properly set up and Xinerama is 
working correctly. In which case, my guess is that your Qt4 was compiled 
without Xinerama support (I had the same problem, I think for some crazy 
reason you have to ask to enable it). I had a useful program to ask Qt4 
what it thinks the screen(s) are, but I can't find it right now (not 
even sure I kept it).

If you're building qt-copy, make sure you passed '-xinerama' to 'configure'.

> If KDE4 lacks this functionality today, when is it planed to be reintroduced?

I have three screens here, and KDE4 has no problems playing nice with 
that setup. I'm guessing your Qt4 is the problem.

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