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On Sunday 15 June 2008 18:25:52 ziklag wrote:
> On Sunday 15 June 2008, Rick Miles wrote:
> > On Sun, 15 Jun 2008 09:35:45 pm ziklag wrote:
> > > "You are KDE".   If your interactions are the demonstration of this,
> > > then you have all proven my point.   Datan, Anne, etc. have proven
> > > themselves to be unable to provide assistance.  Rather they quickly
> > > condescend to name calling.   Even the Microsoft support techs don't do
> > > that. It looks like the arrogant and blind, leading the evenmore
> > > arrogant and more blind. The Linux/KDE Emperor has no clothes, but no
> > > one can see it.  Quod erat demonstratum.
> >
> > No one is KDE. And you seem to have missed a few basics on asking
> > questions on lists. and fail to understand that people on this list have
> > a common interest in KDE, not abusive behaviour.
> It's called Self-selection: "WE like KDE.  What? You have problems with
> KDE? Shush.  We don't talk about things like that around here.  You know,
> why don't go take a long hike of a short cliff."
> 	 And then one wonders why Linux/KDE market share isn't bigger?   Folks,
> this isn't brain-surgery; it's engineering/marketing 101.  Maybe FC9 had a
> lot of bugs because you chased off Alpha and Beta Testers? Maybe, just
> maybe, KDE v4 would be a killer app if the developers started to listen to
> ALL potential users instead of  just the yes-men?
Bugs: http://bugs.kde.org/
Mailing lists:
kde-quality - for all KDE contributors, being programmers, enthusiasts, testers, writers, etc. who care for KDE. The discussion should focus on the identification and implementation of means to improve the general quality level of KDE applications, new contributors support, and development tasks suggestions. 
kde-look - discussing "look'n'feel issues" 
(fyi this list is: kde - for KDE users with questions strictly about KDE )

> 	I'm very truly sorry for you if this doesn't seem logical to you all.
> Truly, I am.  Because people who miss out on logic are missing out on
> some the essentials of life (and death).
> 	Well, I've searched the Internet now, and I have found that there a lot of
> voices out there saying that KDE v4 is really bad.  In fact, some of them
> are using stronger language than I used (that's how I found it on google:
> 'KDE4 !#$^^').    Of course, we don't see these other voices here (see
> above on self-selection.)
> > If you want a rock solid KDE experience than choose a distro noted for
> > placing a priority on stability, not bleeding edge. May I suggest
> > someting like Slackware? Slackware has a very helpful and courteous help
> > list at linuxquestions,org. However.folks on that list wouldn't tolerate
> > such behaviour either.
> My computer is an AMD-64.   I don't think that it's expecting too much to
> have support for very common CPUs (AMD-64 has been out for some time
> now.  Intel64 has been out for some time too.)  As far as I can tell, only
> Fedora supports 64 bit operation on the AMD CPUs.   Again, what's it going
> to be: "Linux rocks Microsoft" or "Err, well, Linux just can't do that
> yet."?
> I know, you think that I'm talking about non-KDE issues, right?

<insert ziklag's "found my lost email">

I guess that I'm having trouble saying anything nice about Linux
lately.  It seems like each rev. gets worse.  I just "upgraded" (sic)
to FC9.  What a kludge!  Now here's an ALPHA quality product:

1. Preupgrade didn't work.
2. DVD installed did work but took hours and hours.
3. Oops, no video for you Nvidia users.  That's a good way
to alienate your users.
4. Oh, we've moved to KDE4.

OK. KDE 4.

0. The new login screen is ugly confusing mess.

1. startkde script is broken.  I found out a work-around on
the web. The poster of the work-around said "it's not a bug;
you've got your system misconfigured."  I'm sorry, but if
it's broken out of the box, then it's a bug!

2.  What happened to my taskbar?  The new thing is ugly and
practically useless.

3. The kicker replacement is horrible:
        0. My old kde 3.x settings all disappeared.
        1. It's is ugly.
        2. It's black (I guess bad guys like black, huh?)
        3. I cannot figure out how to move the icons on it.
        4. Several icons overlap eachother.

4. My window tabs are suddenly at the bottom of the windows
(lost settings).

5. Konqueror had a really neat "clear URL window" button
(I can't figure out why no one else has copied that one.)
Alas, I had to reconfigure the default menus to get it back.
On the positive side, if you're not allowing people to search
on google, it's good to get rid of the "search" entry field.

5. xhost is broken (Problably more likely a x11 bug).

I'm on my lunch break, so I won't go on and on.
I thought that Germans were known for their engineering
ability.  KDE4 looks like it was designed by some psyberpunk
druggie.   Eye-candy like all other candie is bad for your

Here's my Linux history:

1994: Cool!  I can get Unix for free!

2000: Hey guys, Linux rocks. It's stable and free.
We should ditch our NT servers for Linux. (Lose my job for
being pro-Linux).

2004: Well, hey, it's free. I shouldn't complain. Most
things work alright out of the box.  It's still not Microsoft.

2008: ARGH!  Don't use it. Stay away. The developers are all
paid Microsoft agents putting out kludges that don't work and
then blaming the user for the problems.

2038: FC38?  Hey, I'm still using XP, BeOS R5, and FC8.
Who cares if FC38 can do the laundry for me; it still mix
the darks with the whites.

So frustrated with Linux.
</insert ziklag's "found my lost email">
Ok, now where in that rant is your kde question... as a matter of fact where is *any* question?
If you have issues with fc9, which is what it appears most of your o.p. is about, take it up with fc9 not kde mailing list (kde - for KDE users with questions strictly about KDE)

> > The door works both ways if you don't like the party. I never could
> > figure out people who complain about the food but keep on shoveling it
> > into their mouth just because its free.
> Narrow is the ONE door, wide is the path that leads to destruction.

Now, what is your kde related *question*?
Still waiting.
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