Cannot add Brother printer

Jonathan Doe anonymous.jondoe at
Tue Jan 29 17:17:34 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 29 January 2008 09:37:55 am John wrote:
> If the driver installation manages to get the right things in the right
> places you may find that you can do the final enabling part via the cups
> web interface. You may also find that the cups password isn't the same as
> root.

It would appear that the default config for cups is to use the root login. 
Does suse have a different user or something that they want you to use to 
configure cups?

> Also eg why  
> edit system files in the shell when it's much easier to edit in a desktop 
> editor. KDE also provides a user the opportunity to run any program as root. 
> It just needs a little bit of thought as to what one does do when logged in 
> as root.

I think that many people would argue that vim or emacs is better for editing 
text files than anything that you're going to get bundled with kde or gnome.

Running one or two programs as root is no big deal, as long as you think about 
what you are doing (as you pointed out). My point was that you shouldn't be 
logging into a kde or gnome session as root because instead of running just 
one or two programs, you are now running 15-20. This is the whole reason 
behind kdesu - so that a user does not need to login to a full kde session to 
do some administrative work with a gui.

Your point about giving what you do as root a little bit of thought is exactly 
right, but don't you think that running a full DE as root is just asking for 

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