How to do the transition from KDE 3.5.8 to KDE 4?

David david.maillists at
Wed Jan 23 19:18:35 GMT 2008

I use Debian sid, it is a rolling-state distro, and transitions are done
step by step.

Today khelpcenter was upgraded in the repository to the version of KDE 4, so
I see that the transition is imminent and I want to be prepared :-)

I saw some screenshots where KDE 4 does not look so different from KDE 3.5,
but in other screenshots it looks quite different.

So, what shall I do for the transition? Shall I just upgrade the packages
and keep the configuration files? Or, shall I delete ~/.kde to see the new
things that KDE 4 offers by default, and then customise if I want to?

Shall I do anything else after the upgrade to KDE 4?

Thank you
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