How to do the transition from KDE 3.5.8 to KDE 4?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Wed Jan 23 20:25:28 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 23 January 2008, David wrote:
> I use Debian sid, it is a rolling-state distro, and transitions are done
> step by step.
> Today khelpcenter was upgraded in the repository to the version of KDE 4,
> so I see that the transition is imminent and I want to be prepared :-)

This is weird, according to a mail on debian-kde list the parts which will 
migrate to Lenny will only contain things which can be installed in parallel 
to KDE 3.5

Do you have any lines for experimental in your apt sources.list?

> I saw some screenshots where KDE 4 does not look so different from KDE 3.5,
> but in other screenshots it looks quite different.

Some people probably made customizations by editing configuration files 

> So, what shall I do for the transition? Shall I just upgrade the packages
> and keep the configuration files? Or, shall I delete ~/.kde to see the new
> things that KDE 4 offers by default, and then customise if I want to?

According to the Debian KDE packagers, the current KDE4 packages will 
use .kde4 as the directory for their configuration, which on one hand ensures 
that the do not interfere with the KDE3 one, but on the other also means that 
the configuration is no automatically transfered either.

As far as I understood the final KDE4 packages, once the Lenny release has 
happend, is to use the same prefix, basically migrating the config to KDE4 
along with the respective applications.

If you have questions regarding the current state I recommend asking on the 
debian-kde mailinglist.


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