Virtualization (again)

David david.maillists at
Mon Feb 25 20:16:51 GMT 2008

> Like in "almost pregnant"? :-)

I think that free software puritans will like this
VirtualBox :-P Even if you are not using Debian
yet, you still can take the source package at the former website and compile

thank you David, I checked it out  and I have kubuntu
> on my f and windows on mt c drive,

Kubuntu on your F drive? You are talking like a windows user,
arrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Is F a partition of the hard drive, is it
a live CD, is it a pen drive...?

I want a switch
> either when I boot or after I guess.

OK, I assume you have GRUB and you can select what OS to boot. This way, you
can switch by rebooting the computer.

If you have Windows and Linux on two different partitions of the hard drive,
and want to switch without rebooting, um, you can try. I think that VMware
and VirtualBox both allow to run an OS installed on another partition, but it
is not recommendable at all (you can corrupt some of your partitions, you
are advised :-)  ). The best solution is, if you have the time, that you
install VirtualBox in Linux (or in Windows) and install Windows (or Linux)
from scratch inside VirtualBox, as a file in your /home/your_username
directory (or in the Windows partition). (Non-brackets are option 1 and
brackets are option 2. Choose option 1 or 2, but do not mix).
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