Virtualization (again)

John john_82 at
Mon Feb 25 22:29:26 GMT 2008

I have an interest in this too even though it's not kde so please forgive 
me :)

Say I install virtualbox on linux and then windoze into virtualbox. If I'm not 
running a windoze program does virtualbox use or limit my cpu. Zen for 
instance seems to use the virtualization facility - don't like the sound of 

Another way of asking the question is can virtualbox be stopped and started 
just like a normal program - some or all of it?


On Monday 25 February 2008 20:16, David wrote:
> > Like in "almost pregnant"? :-)
> I think that free software puritans will like this
> release<
>s&suite=unstable&section=all>of VirtualBox :-P Even if you are not using
> Debian
> yet, you still can take the source package at the former website and
> compile
> :-)
> thank you David, I checked it out  and I have kubuntu
> > on my f and windows on mt c drive,
> Kubuntu on your F drive? You are talking like a windows user,
> arrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Is F a partition of the hard drive, is
> it a live CD, is it a pen drive...?
> I want a switch
> > either when I boot or after I guess.
> OK, I assume you have GRUB and you can select what OS to boot. This way,
> you can switch by rebooting the computer.
> If you have Windows and Linux on two different partitions of the hard
> drive, and want to switch without rebooting, um, you can try. I think that
> VMware and VirtualBox both allow to run an OS installed on another
> partition, but it is not recommendable at all (you can corrupt some of your
> partitions, you are advised :-)  ). The best solution is, if you have the
> time, that you install VirtualBox in Linux (or in Windows) and install
> Windows (or Linux) from scratch inside VirtualBox, as a file in your
> /home/your_username directory (or in the Windows partition). (Non-brackets
> are option 1 and brackets are option 2. Choose option 1 or 2, but do not
> mix).


Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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