help with superkaramba plasmoid liquidweather

David Carlos Manuelda stormbyte at
Fri Feb 22 17:27:55 GMT 2008

Hi all! I downloaded liquidweather for superkaramba, and when I try to start i
t with superkaramba, or with plasma in plasmoids menu I get:

SuperKaramba cannot continue to run this theme.One or more of the required com
ponents of the Kross scripting architecture is not installed. Please consult t
his theme's documentation and install the necessary Kross components.

In site I can see its dependencies which are:

    *  superkaramba version 0.39 or greater (see further down the page for ver
sions that are compantible with earlier versions) (I am running all kde from S
VN so it must be this version or greater?)
    * PyQt v3.13 or greater (I have 3.17.3 installed) (it does not say anythin
g about pyqt4, is it needed?)
    * ImageMagick (I have and I also have kdesdk installed... so what 
do I need about Kross component?


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