Adding new locations to Kweather

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at
Fri Aug 29 20:39:24 BST 2008

2008/8/29 John Layt <john at>:
> Which version of KDE are you using, 3 or 4?

I apologize, I really should have specified that. I'm enjoying KDE 3.5.10.

> KDE itself doesn't supply the
> weather data, we just tap into various internet weather services.

I figured as much, which is why I mention that data is available from
_somewhere_ for my city.

> In KDE3,
> weather feeds are restricted to those supplied by NUMA/METAR which outside the
> USA is largely restricted to major airports.  In KDE4, far more weather
> service engines have been implemented so you can try switching providers to
> something like the BBC which may have Haifa.  If none of the current KDE4
> engines have Haifa and you know of an Israeli service that provides Free feeds
> you can try contacting the current maintainer of the weather engines to ask
> him to implement the service.

I will probably move to KDE 4.1 when in October when my distro
stabilizes on that version, or to 4.2 when it arrives. At that time I
will look into implementing additional services if need be. It is not
an urgent task.

> But I'm not sure why you would need a weather feed for Haifa, if the weather
> the time I visited is anything to go by it's always sunny and hot :-)

Good point! For winter, though, a [Rain||NoRain] indicator would be nice!

Thanks for the info. There's a cold beer waiting for you next time you
are in town.

Dotan Cohen

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