Adding new locations to Kweather

Bill Wells hammer29 at
Sat Aug 30 02:38:19 BST 2008

On Friday 29 August 2008 10:36:35 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Kweather does not have my city, and the closest city that it does list
> is too far away to have the same weather. How can one add additional
> cities to Kweather? I do know that online weather data is available
> for my city (Haifa, Israel) because I have added that city to the
> weather app on my PocketPC device.

This is usually a two part solution.  NOTE:  I am using Slackware 12.0 but kde 
is kde so most everything should be in the same place(s).

Part 1.   Add your location to the /usr/share/apps/kweatherservice file using 
your favorite text editor.  VI works just fine.
   Most of the information is self explanatory if you use another (MAJOR) 
location as a pattern.  I say major since they have most of the fields filled 
in.  If you do not have the information for a given field just leave it 
blank.  Be sure to enter a semicolon to indicate the end of the empty field.  

In your case Part 1 is not necessary since Haifa is already present.

Part 2.  Add your location to the /usr/share/apps/kweatherservice file using 
your favorite text editor.  
 Find your Country, add a line at the end of the entries for your country and 
add your location.  In your case in my file which has 3 entries for Israel, I 
would add "loc3=Haifa LLHA ------ ---'  without the quotes of course.
save the file and exit.  

Now when you go to your kweather icon on the Desktop/in the applet tray, when 
you click on configure KWeather, select the Weather Service Icon, then your 
Country in the Middle East drop down, Haifa should be present.

Bill Wells
> Thanks.

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