since Fedora 9 and KDE 4.0.5, my taskbar popups/toolips

landon kelsey landonmkelsey at
Sat Aug 23 18:00:43 BST 2008

are causing great problems!

Funny but occasionally I will swing past a taskbar icon

and a flashing toolip will appear.

I can only get rid of it by unplugging/replugging the flash

memory drive. This always works or else the whole desktop

would be frozen! Thank goodness! Sometimes hitting the ctrl-Alt keys 

breaks the lockup!

Usually the tooltip doesn't flash but stays while the desktop is locked!

I love KDE and these problems are distressing!

Also I have a desktop  icon for Kaffeine that always comes back at reboot

even though I delete it!

Only rhythmbox works for playing music!

Only way I've found to mount the flash memory drive or ntfs is to open 

each drive using dolphin! Some years ago one made an entry in fstab.

I usually get kde after Fedora install using switchdesk. This time under

F9, switchdesk didn't work. There was a fix but I learned of the dialog

in the login screen!

Wish this panel had an autohide! Maybe it does!

I usually update via a command line "yum update"

Now there is some mysterious update agent that generates a error dialog under root

and I didn't even summon an update! I've looked everywhere for a shutoff mechanism!

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