since Fedora 9 and KDE 4.0.5, my taskbar popups/toolips

Kishore kitts.mailinglists at
Sat Aug 23 18:52:44 BST 2008

Phew! That's a lot in there but ill try to answer those which i can. But 
before i continue, some settings in your mail composer make it really hard to 
read this and your last couple of posts. I think it is the HTML settings and 
word wrap settings. Anyway...

On Saturday 23 Aug 2008 10:30:43 pm landon kelsey wrote:
> are causing great problems! Funny but occasionally I will swing past a
> taskbar icon and a flashing toolip will appear. I can only get rid of it by
> unplugging/replugging the flash memory drive. This always works or else the
> whole desktop would be frozen! Thank goodness! Sometimes hitting the
> ctrl-Alt keys breaks the lockup! Usually the tooltip doesn't flash but
> stays while the desktop is locked! I love KDE and these problems are
> distressing!

Sorry, i do not quite understand what you mean there. Are you referring to the 
device notifier applet?

> Also I have a desktop icon for Kaffeine that always comes back
> at reboot even though I delete it! Only rhythmbox works for playing music!

Are you sure there is no kaffeine.desktop file in ~/Desktop? And only 
rhythmbox? what error do you get with say, Amarok?

> Only way I've found to mount the flash memory drive or ntfs is to open each
> drive using dolphin!

This has changed in kde trunk. So in 4.2 you will see that dolphin is not the 
only choice.

> Some years ago one made an entry in fstab. I usually
> get kde after Fedora install using switchdesk. This time under F9,
> switchdesk didn't work. There was a fix but I learned of the dialog in the
> login screen!

For this, please contact the fedora forums. As a non fedora user, i have no 
clue what swtichdesk is! ;)

> Wish this panel had an autohide! Maybe it does!

This was just added in kde trunk and so will be available in 4.2 :)

> I usually
> update via a command line "yum update" Now there is some mysterious update
> agent that generates a error dialog under root and I didn't even summon an
> update! I've looked everywhere for a shutoff mechanism! Whew!

Again, fedora... ;) 

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