lost task manager(?) icons showing minimized active tasks

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Aug 25 23:06:04 BST 2008

Colin J Thomson wrote:
> No need to log out, just kill plasma and restart it:
> Fire up a konsole:
> kquitapp plasma &
> remove the plasma *rc files
> restart plasma: 
> plasma &

If using bash, a better idea is:
plasma & disown

...otherwise bash likes to SIGHUP background tasks when you exit the 
shell. I'm not sure if plasma cares, but it's good practice in general. 
(I launch things from shells so much I have a "detach" script which 
forks a process in the background with fd's o-2 redirected to /dev/null 
and disowns it. If you have debug enabled, &>/dev/null is also a good 
idea unless you want that shell to become cluttered with chatter :-).)

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