ssh to multiple servers in seperate tabs in Konsole with onebookmark or script?

JW jw at
Wed Aug 6 17:23:01 BST 2008

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 15:27:02 you wrote:
> I use clusterssh to accomplish what you're looking for.  You can check
> it out at I am not using it
> to manage clusters, but a bunch of similarly configured servers. 
> easy to switch between the command window (commands sent to all servers)
> and the individual Xterm windows (commands sent to the individual
> servers). 

Yes, that's essentially what I'm looking for, but with anywhere from 10 to 60 
systems to handle at a time (different groups for different tasks) I don't 
want dozens of xterms open on my screen. On my laptop it would be a mess (15" 

Which is why I currently use a Konsole session, and make all the 
tab/connections by hand. Which is a pain.

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