ssh to multiple servers in seperate tabs in Konsole with one bookmark or script?

Stephen Dowdy sdowdy at
Tue Aug 5 20:45:39 BST 2008

JW wrote, On 08/05/2008 12:29 PM:
> For example a command to open up a new Konsole, and open up a new tab for each 
> server and make a ssh connection to that server and name that tab with the 
> server's name. One tab per ssh connection/server
> I've googled around and seen several scripts for opening a bunch of tabs, and 
> even naming the tabs, but none of them do that AND make a ssh connection 
> inside the tab.
> Does anyone know how to do this?


You *might* want to look at

You can run an interactive "Do this on many hosts at once" prompted
session, but it's all in one terminal.  Using the 'fanout=1' option each
command is dispatched sequentially to each host, otherwise the dispatch
is in parallel and you can end up with tagged, but intermixed output
lines).  There are plenty of other multiplexed command dispatching
programs, some, which i believe open terminals for each connection.
(e.g. conman clusterssh distribulator dsh gsh mass mussh tentakel...)

I'm including some scripts i'm working on that are, as yet, rather
simplistic and imcomplete, but which might be of value to you.

'konssh' is supposed to (at some point) be able to activate a new
konsole window and/or session tab that 'ssh's' to a host with optional

I create a konsole session type that binds to this script, so i can pull
up a "New Konssh" that uses kdialog to prompt for the arguments after
the new tab opens.  It can also be called from the command line (in a
konsole "shell" tab or an xterm or mini-cli...)

There's currently minimal support for starting a new konsole (one
session tab only)

I'm working out the means to hunt down and find a konsole window and/or
tab based upon a search criteria. that's in the 'koninfo' script. (data
collection on konsole info only at this point).

What i want to be able to ultimately do at some point, is be able to
reattach to a konsole tab by searching a konsole Caption and Tab name
and have the KDE window manager change desktops and application focus
and Konsole session tab "active" state to the match.  I'm not quite
there yet ;)

Unfortunately, i'm afraid that 'dcop' may be obsoleted in KDE4 and i'd
have to re-do this in 'dbus'. 'dbus' looks infinitely more contorted
(well, much more verbose and difficult to access)


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