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Anne Wilson cannewilson at
Tue Aug 5 19:12:39 BST 2008

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 17:28:46 Kishore wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 Aug 2008 9:32:31 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
> >   I've just got F9 with 4.1 working on a usb stick, for use with my
> > EeePC, installed from the LiveCD iso.  This, of course, puts an Install
> > icon on the desktop.  Thinking that maybe I should move it rather than
> > delete it, I opened /home/Desktop and dragged it into a folder, so that
> > I'm not likely to start an install by accident.
> >
> > To my surprise, although the Desktop folder now shows no icons, I can
> > still see it actually on the Desktop.  Before I delete it, I'd like to
> > clear up what is obviously a misunderstanding on my part
> Is this icon inside a folder view widget? 

No.  It's directly on the desktop, put there because the stick is running 
Fedora 9 Live CD.

> If not then its likely an "icon 
> widget". These icon widgets have nothing directly to do with the icons in
> the desktop folder. However, in early stages of plasma (in 4.0 too), plasma
> would at startup create a desktop icon for each file found in the desktop
> folder just to give the traditional desktop feel. This actually seemed to
> work real bad and changes in the desktop folder would not result in changes
> on the desktop and vice versa. Now that you have moved the file out of the
> desktop folder restart plasma to see if the icon would still come back. The
> standard behaviour of plasma in 4.1 does not do this but still try...
> In any case it should be safe to take it off the desktop.

It did come back.  However, there is a copy safely put away in a folder called 
TakeCare :-) so I've removed it.  Thanks

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