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Kishore kitts.mailinglists at
Tue Aug 5 17:28:46 BST 2008

On Tuesday 05 Aug 2008 9:32:31 pm Anne Wilson wrote:
>   I've just got F9 with 4.1 working on a usb stick, for use with my EeePC,
> installed from the LiveCD iso.  This, of course, puts an Install icon on
> the desktop.  Thinking that maybe I should move it rather than delete it, I
> opened /home/Desktop and dragged it into a folder, so that I'm not likely
> to start an install by accident.
> To my surprise, although the Desktop folder now shows no icons, I can still
> see it actually on the Desktop.  Before I delete it, I'd like to clear up
> what is obviously a misunderstanding on my part

Is this icon inside a folder view widget? If not then its likely an "icon 
widget". These icon widgets have nothing directly to do with the icons in the 
desktop folder. However, in early stages of plasma (in 4.0 too), plasma would 
at startup create a desktop icon for each file found in the desktop folder 
just to give the traditional desktop feel. This actually seemed to work real 
bad and changes in the desktop folder would not result in changes on the 
desktop and vice versa. Now that you have moved the file out of the desktop 
folder restart plasma to see if the icon would still come back. The standard 
behaviour of plasma in 4.1 does not do this but still try...

In any case it should be safe to take it off the desktop. 
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