how to get focus for my app at login screen.

Michal rabbit50 at
Thu Apr 3 19:29:12 BST 2008

Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at> writes:

> Hmm, isn't that possible with pam_mount or some other PAM module?
> Mounting an encrypted home partition/directory sounds like a common use case.

hmm, but it is on USB drive that will be connected just at login
screen, so password must then be supplied somehow, so probably the
same problem

> Basically just like you start any X11 application, i.e. set DISPLAY and run 
> it.
> Since you already set DISPLAY you can just start it in the background.
> I am not sure if you need to kill it after kdialog returns or if this happens 
> automatically when the login process starts.

I just installed fvwm and run:
# export DISPLAY=:0.0
# fvwm2
# kdialog --inputbox "enter: "

now when moving mouse over kdialog, I can see that kdialog frame
border changes, so I am guessing that it gets a focus, but
unfortunatelly I still cannot insert text. Clicking buttons with mouse
still works ok.

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