Konq or linux dns problem

Boyan Tabakov blade.alslayer at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 15:41:47 BST 2007

On Friday 21 September 2007 17:05:32 John wrote:
> Hi
> Think I've been here before but this started happening a couple of weeks
> ago.
> Many web pages are sloooooooooooooow ever so slow. Looking with ethereal a
> dns request is sent out to tiscali's primary dns server. No reply for 5
> secs so the secondary is tried and the address comes back within 25mSec. I
> have my router set to use the tiscali numbers - and 67. 67 is
> the secondary. I've switch the addresses round in the router to use 67
> first but the system still uses 66 first. Me thinks something in my system
> is doing this and not using the router as it should.
> The router is a draytek vigor 28000. (adsl 2+ ready.)
> Any comments? How can I fix it. Pages can take ages to come up as lots use
> source from many many servers. Bit like the ipv6 problem from a while ago.
> The problem may have come about because of a suse upgrade. I've had a
> simular problem with a router that would automatically detect the dns
> server. It looked like some web tracker was spoofing it which is why I put
> the addresses in the router.

What is your resolv.conf configuration file on your desktop? Is your desktop 
using the router as a DNS resolver?  Your router might use the two DNS server 
IP addresses in a round-robin and not always trying the primary first.

Why don't you set only one DNS server address?

You can always set up your own resolving DNS server on the desktop machine and 
forget about the tiscali resolvers...

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