Konsole unable to start xapps as root in Archlinux

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Sat Oct 20 14:01:24 BST 2007

On Saturday 20 October 2007 03:52, Ryo Furue wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
> | Hi Ryo. I'm really trying to find what the Archlinux guys have done
> | so that KDE's Konsole cannot open Xapps when su'ed to root.
> |
> | I've no problem on my Fedora, and Debian installs. I can su to root on
> | Konsole, and open kwrite, kate, gedit, synaptic, and you name it.
> That's interesting.  (Sorry I didn't read your previous messages
> carefully and didn't realize that that was what you are really trying
> to solve.)
> It's interesting, because I'm using the testing distribution of
> Debian, and I can NOT su to root and open kwrite, kate, or and GUI
> program, without the xauth trick I mentioned.
> So, I'm really curious why you can do that on your Fedora
> and YOUR Debian.
> I understand that this is off topic for this KDE forum,
> but if you find any clue, I'd appreciate it if you forward
> it to me (or us).
> Cheers,
> Ryo

Hi Ryo.
Well I remember ages ago having this same problem on a distro, and having 
resolved it. Looking back through all my notes, and Doh, I see it was on 
Debian. The fix I got was to add the following to /root/.bashrc
export XAUTHORITY=/home/<username>/.Xauthority

That made a permanent change, and I could now start Xapps as root on my Debian 

Fedora though is different, and I've always been able to start Xapps as root 
from Konsole. That's on all Fedora versions from FC1 through to Fedora 7. I 
looked in /root/.bashrc, and there's nothing there to indicate some default 
setup to allow this.

Anyway, I'll try that one liner in /root/.bashrc on Archlinux, that works on 
my Debian installs as a permanent fix.

Thanks for your help.


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