Konsole unable to start xapps as root in Archlinux

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Oct 20 13:23:44 BST 2007

On Saturday 20 October 2007, Ryo Furue wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
> | Hi Ryo. I'm really trying to find what the Archlinux guys have done
> | so that KDE's Konsole cannot open Xapps when su'ed to root.
> |
> | I've no problem on my Fedora, and Debian installs. I can su to root on
> | Konsole, and open kwrite, kate, gedit, synaptic, and you name it.
> That's interesting.  (Sorry I didn't read your previous messages
> carefully and didn't realize that that was what you are really trying
> to solve.)
> It's interesting, because I'm using the testing distribution of
> Debian, and I can NOT su to root and open kwrite, kate, or and GUI
> program, without the xauth trick I mentioned.
> So, I'm really curious why you can do that on your Fedora
> and YOUR Debian.

Yes, same here. The behavior Nigel sees on Archlinux is quite certainly the 
default behavior of X.

I would rather assume that Fedora and "Nigel's Debian" :) did something 

It is also not related to Konsole, any shell either in a terminal window or on 
one of Linux's virtual consoles will do.
The only difference is that in a terminal window like Konsole, a simple su 
will usually keep the environment of the shell, in this case the DISPLAY 
variable "pointing" to the X session the terminal window is hosted in.


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