System colors being ignored sometimes

Ryo Furue furue at
Tue Oct 9 05:49:30 BST 2007

To follow up my own post . . .

| 2) The tooltip of gnubiff in my system tray use the same
|    color combination as gimp.  (The other system-tray
|    items, such as KOrganizer, use black text on yellow
|    background.)

Using "KDE tooltip background" on Google shows some postings
in various forums and mailing lists discussing the same
problem.  It seems that the light-yellow background color
of tooltips is hardwired in KDE < 4 and that you can't change
it unless you recompile KDE.  Mystery still remains as to
why tooltips of KDE apps use black text color whereas
those of non-KDE apps use the text color (white in my case)
specified in the KDE Control Center.

In KDE 4, if I understand correctly what I gathered from
the Internet, it seems that tooltips are themable, and so
I hope this problem will go away.

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