System colors being ignored sometimes

Ryo Furue furue at
Sat Oct 6 01:58:21 BST 2007

Hi KDEers,

This problem has been minor annoyance for a long time.
When you change KDE system colors in

  Control Center > Appearance & Themes > Colors

almost everything follows the system colors.  But, there
are problems here and there.  (My foreground (text) colors
are white and the background colors are darkgray.)

1) Tooltips (baloons) of GIMP use yellow background
   and white text.  Hardly readable.

2) The tooltip of gnubiff in my system tray use the same
   color combination as gimp.  (The other system-tray
   items, such as KOrganizer, use black text on yellow

3) The tab of Konsole uses black text while it uses
   white text everywhere else.

4) Some other applications behave like Konsole: there is
   some inconsistency in following the system color.
   (For example, Opera's Transfer panel shows black text
    and white text on a single line!  The white part follows
    the KDE color when you change the KDE system colors,
    but the black part always remains black.)

My general questions are, what's going on? and where (whom)
and how to ask to fix these problems?  For example, whose
problem the GIMP tooltips are?  If it's the problem of GIMP,
how should I ask its developers to fix it? (ask them to use
the KDE colors? or QT colors? or the "system colors", if there
are such things?)  Or is it reasonable at all to ask them
to fix it?  Is there some standard and are the developers
failing to follow it?

Thank you,
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