System colors being ignored sometimes

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Tue Oct 9 16:52:02 BST 2007

Ryo Furue wrote:
> To follow up my own post . . .
> | 2) The tooltip of gnubiff in my system tray use the same
> |    color combination as gimp.  (The other system-tray
> |    items, such as KOrganizer, use black text on yellow
> |    background.)
> Using "KDE tooltip background" on Google shows some postings
> in various forums and mailing lists discussing the same
> problem.  It seems that the light-yellow background color
> of tooltips is hardwired in KDE < 4 and that you can't change
> it unless you recompile KDE.  Mystery still remains as to
> why tooltips of KDE apps use black text color whereas
> those of non-KDE apps use the text color (white in my case)
> specified in the KDE Control Center.
> In KDE 4, if I understand correctly what I gathered from
> the Internet, it seems that tooltips are themable, and so
> I hope this problem will go away.

Well they are supposed to be, although come to think of it I forget if 
there is actually code for it or not :-). (Qt has weird support for 
tooltip colors; as I recall you can set them, but only by calling some 
particular Qt methods, i.e. it may be that this will only work for 
KApplication programs. Anyway I'm going to see about either fixing this 
today or getting it listed somewhere as a showstopper.)

...this is a bit sad when you consider that Windoze has supported 
changing tooltip colors properly since I think Win95 :-).

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