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On Friday 25 May 2007, Hans van der Merwe <hvdmerwe at> wrote 
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> On Fri, 2007-05-25 at 05:06 -0500, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > On Friday 25 May 2007 03:56:33 Hans van der Merwe wrote:
> > > Anyone know if there are plans for kio_smb to accept MS version of
> > > smb:// URIs.
> > > ie "smb:\\server\share" or more accurately "\\server\share"
> Ye, sure, MS makes up "standards" as they go along, but I dont see them
> conforming anytime soon, so I think KDE must pickup the ball.

I've heard a phrase tossed around my office a few times: "Lack of planning 
on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part."  IMO, it's not 
KDEs role to take for for MS slack.

That said, I do understand your point.  Working well in a hetrogenous 
environment means working with 50+% (at least) the the /other/ systems.  
In most offices that means working well with MS.

Patches Welcome! ;)

> Anyway, I think the whole kio idea must be implemented on a much
> "native" layer of the OS, not the windows manager. Now when I browse a
> ODF or GIMP file on our network and double-click on it - GIMP and
> OpenOffice just shouts at me - because they dont understand smb://

If you used karbon/krita and koffice they wouldn't have a problem with it.

> The windows manager (being KDE, Gnome, etc) must request some "network
> layer" (I think FUSE is something like this) to mount and provide a
> temporary directory to that share, then anything that can access local
> files will be able to access the network share.

Konq will do part of this if you set up your file type associations 
properly.  Using %f/%F instead of %u/%U causes Konq to copy the data to a 
temporary directory and open it from there.  You don't get to write to the 
data though.  (Well, I suppose you could, but it would simpyl write to the 
temporary directory.)

I do wish URI-protocol handling was "pluggable" at the X/freedesktop (or 
DBus?) layer instead of at the KDE (and GNOME?) layer, it would make Free 
Software Desktops even more enjoyable than they are now.

> > I don't, but I've been the only (or one of two) linux users in various
> > Windows domains (of different sizes) for years now
> So what do you do when someone sends you link to server share?

Tell them to put it on the internal wiki.  [I've been the wiki-nista at two 
(at least) of my workplaces.]  Or simply navigate there manually.  I have 
bookmarks and/or cifs mount points set up for the most common locations.

That said, it's never been my job to shuffle documents around, so 3 UNC 
paths a week is probably an all-time high *for me*.  (I am reminded: "You 
are not your user.")

> Copy-Paste-Replace?
> This will not fly, even with willing computer users.  Just as
> copy-paste-uudecode is not the accepted way of viewing email attached
> images anymore.

Well, that's 'cause uuencoding and MIME, as well as PNG and JPEG are 
standards.  Try viewing an embeded/attached xls worksheet in 
mutt/kmail/evolution.  If MS wants to put together a standard that the 
rest of the world can agree on for (the equivalent of) UNC paths and 
follow it, then it'll get done.

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