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Sun May 27 16:47:21 BST 2007

В сообщении от Friday 25 May 2007 18:51:46 Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. написал(а):

> > Anyway, I think the whole kio idea must be implemented on a much
> > "native" layer of the OS, not the windows manager. Now when I browse a
> > ODF or GIMP file on our network and double-click on it - GIMP and
> > OpenOffice just shouts at me - because they dont understand smb://
The idea is very interesting, perhaps it's possible to be realized by using 
FUSE. The following paths may be used:

It will provide abstraction from network layer of the OS and support of custom 
programs which  doesn't know anything about KIO.

> Konq will do part of this if you set up your file type associations
> properly.  Using %f/%F instead of %u/%U causes Konq to copy the data to a
> temporary directory and open it from there.  You don't get to write to the
> data though.  (Well, I suppose you could, but it would simpyl write to the
> temporary directory.)
Copying of a file into the temporary directory is sometimes problematical. 
For instance, I'd like do watch a film or another large file, such action will
lead to copying of the whole file to temp directory, that can take very long 
time. Using of the suggested method may provide using of the file data 
without copying whole file on your box, such as usual mounting smb(or other 
file share) into local directory tree.

Maybe anyone can do this? This must be very useful.

PS Sorry for my bad english ;)
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