konqueror: copying files in sequence

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. bss03 at volumehost.net
Tue May 8 12:32:19 BST 2007

On Tuesday 08 May 2007, Ryo Furue <furue at hawaii.edu> wrote about 'Re: [kde] 
konqueror: copying files in sequence':
> | > If your mp3 files are presented in a particular order in your mp3
> | > player, therefore, it is your mp3 player that is presenting the
> | > order, not the underlying filesystem.
> |
> | Not true.  In the absence of any overriding logic, the filesystem
> | will decide what order files are presented in.
> If I write my own player (which wouldn't happen), I may choose
> to always order files alphabetically, in the absence of any
> overriding logic.

Um, no, "in alphabetical order" *is* overriding logic.  "The order I'm 
given them" (i.e. the order the filesystem presents them to the UI) is the 
only thing you get without logic/code/an algorithm to re-order them.

> | I would be nice to have an option in konqueror to transfer files in
> | the order they were selected or the order they are listed in the UI.
> I think that's doable, but I'm afraid its usefulness may be limited.

Agreed, for all the reasons you mention.

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