konqueror: copying files in sequence

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Tue May 8 10:35:26 BST 2007


| > If your mp3 files are presented in a particular order in your mp3
| > player, therefore, it is your mp3 player that is presenting the
| > order, not the underlying filesystem.
| Not true.  In the absence of any overriding logic, the filesystem
| will decide what order files are presented in.

Well, that's how *your* mp3 player chooses to decide the order.
If I write my own player (which wouldn't happen), I may choose
to always order files alphabetically, in the absence of any
overriding logic.

| In particular, my iRiver presents the 
| audio files in exactly the order the filesystem stores the 
| entries.  "Luckily" it's a very simple filesystem, so the entries
| are stored in the order they are created.  (I'm not sure if
| directory entries get reused when files are deleted.)

In a normal Unix file system, directory entries get reused.  So,
if you delete some files and create some others, the natural
ordering isn't the order of creation any longer.
(That's what I heard.  I haven't checked.)

| I would be nice to have an option in konqueror to transfer files in
| the order they were selected or the order they are listed in the UI.

I think that's doable, but I'm afraid its usefulness may be limited.
As you noted, different file systems store files in different orders.
So, even if konqueror transfers files in a particular order, the
receiving filesystem may not honor the order or may "forget" it.
A Unix directory some of whose files were deleted before is an
example, as I mentioned above.  Another example is: I heard that the
directory structure of NTFS is a binary tree (on filenames) so that
the files are presented always in an alphabetical order of their
names, that is, the order in which files are transferred or created is
forgotten (unless there are other fields like dates which remember the
original order).

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