konqueror: copying files in sequence

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. bss03 at volumehost.net
Tue May 8 08:11:19 BST 2007

On Monday 07 May 2007 23:12:50 Ryo Furue wrote:
> Hi Pawel,
> I have only a partial solution to your question.
> | Is it possible to tell Konqueror to copy files in sorted order. Why?
> | When I copy directory with some mp3 files to my mp3 player I want
> | them be ordered by name, because my mp3 player gets them in the
> | order saved in filesystem.
> I think you misunderstand the situation.
> Files aren't ordered.

This is not completely true (as you mention in passing).  The underlying 
filesystem does provide directory entries in a specific order.  Most 
filesystems don't vary this order unless a directory entry is added or 
removed.  However, no file system I know of returns them in any order that 
means much to a user. In particular reiserfs stores a directory as a hash 
table, so it returns entries in hash order; a very enigmatic order to say the 

> If your mp3 files are presented in a particular order in your mp3
> player, therefore, it is your mp3 player that is presenting the
> order, not the underlying filesystem.

Not true.  In the absence of any overriding logic, the filesystem will decide 
what order files are presented in.  In particular, my iRiver presents the 
audio files in exactly the order the filesystem stores the 
entries.  "Luckily" it's a very simple filesystem, so the entries are stored 
in the order they are created.  (I'm not sure if directory entries get reused 
when files are deleted.)

> I don't know much about multimedia players, so the following
> is mostly my guess:  The kind of ordering you want in a multimedia
> player is often called a "playlist".  So, I guess that what you
> need is to find out how to copy your playlist along with
> your mp3 files.  I guess such a thing depends on your mp3 player.

The OP's player might support playlists created externally.  My iRiver does 
not, although it does allow you to build playlists using its interface (which 
sucks for building playlists).  I find it much easier to simply transfer my 
files over in a specific order when desired, but I generally just play my 
collection on randomize.

I would be nice to have an option in konqueror to transfer files in the order 
they were selected or the order they are listed in the UI.  I've not seen 
such a feature, yet, and I'm not sure how best to present it to the user.  
Under normal circumstances neither option would be much of a performance hit, 
although filesystem order is more likely to take advantage of readahead and 
FS cache.

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