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T E Schmitz mailreg at numerixtechnology.de
Wed Mar 28 18:38:50 BST 2007

Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 March 2007 17:00, T E Schmitz wrote:
>>Nigel Henry wrote:
>>>>There is a square box on the home page displaying the current index
>>>>values (e.g. DAX Rolling Daily). To the right of the arrow you should
>>>>see the bid/ask price (e.g. 6807-6809). These values are not visible in
>>>>Mozilla/Flash9 but it is with Flash7.
>>I have Flash 9.0.r31 as downloaded from Adobe. I tried the above with
>>Mozilla, Firefox, Galeon, Epiphany, Konqueror - none of them display the
>>BID-ASK values, just the flashing background colour. The price is kind
> Well I updated flash-plugin on Etch. I had to mess about a bit, as my Etch was 
> upgraded from Sarge, and a lot of stuff, including the flash-plugin, and 
> Firefox wasn't directly available from the Debian repos.

I am on Etch testing, too.

> Anyway. Now I have installed flashplugin-nonfree , which as it says 
> is from the nonfree Debian repo. This downloaded the plugin from Adobe, and 
> installed it.

I downloaded straight from Adobe.

> I've tried it out with Konqueror, and the site still works fine, as it does on 
> FC2. The site asks for 1 cookie to be accepted, which I ok, and the box 

I accept all cookies.



Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz
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