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Wed Mar 21 15:49:10 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 17:25:34 John wrote:
> The system isn't on the scsi drives and when these were "mountable" the
> kernel noted that all of the system drives had been mounted before going
> into suse's safe mode. I suspect it's down to paths in the environment
> variables but have no idea how to fix it or restart the kernel in multi
> user mode if that is also a problem.

If your system directories (/, /boot/, /usr, /var ...) are on different discs, 
then when you boot into single user mode, edit the /etc/fstab file and 
comment-out the entries for your scsi drives (or add noauto to the options 
field). This way they won't be mounted automatically at boot time and if this 
was the cause for the system to boot in single user mode, then it should boot 

The runlevel in which the system boots is controlled by a parameter passed to 
init (1 - Single User, 3 - Multiuser + network, 5 - Multiuser + X ...) or the 
default is used (set in /etc/inittab file). On SuSE you can choose in which 
runlevel to boot, by appending the corresponding number to the GRUB command. 
(If you see the graphical GRUB interface, simply highlight the entry and 
press the desired number key - you will notice it appearing below the menu 
entries. If you have the text interface - highlight the entry, press e to 
edit and append the number at the end of the command line, press enter to 
confirm and B to boot).

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