Window-Specific Settings: Documentation?

Ryo Furue furue at
Fri Mar 2 21:39:31 GMT 2007

Hi KDE users,

I'm wondering how I can learn how to use
the "Window-Specific Settings" of the Control Center.

What I want to achieve is 1) to remove the title bar and other window
decorations from a window, 2) to prevent the window from appearing
in the task bar, and 3) to prevent it from appearing in the
Alt-Tab window cycling menu.

I created a new entry in "Window-Specific Settings" and "Modify" it.
In the "Window tab in the "Modify" menu,  I specified the window class
of the window and in the  "Preferences" tab, I checked "Skip Taskbar",
"Skip Pager", and "No Border".  The window in question now
doesn't appear in the Alt-Tab menu.  But, it does appear in the task
bar and it does have a border.

Also I want to know what the items in the "Window Extra" tab mean.
Of course, I clicked the "Help" button, but it shows just one page
explaining the obvious: that this menu is to specify window-specific
settings.  Nothing more.

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