kmail slows when typing

heba ry mat_gl at
Sun Jul 15 14:19:52 BST 2007

<fluca1978 at> wrote:
>Are you sure? Because when kmail starts slowing down I can
>still use other applications, including text editors,
>normally. I mean, only kmail seems to be slowing down (and
>it is not popping or fetching emails).

yes, I'm sure.

It's also a my problem, when I update the distro (for example) and write an 
e-mail in the same, the writing it's more slow, when the update finished the 
writing turn fine.

>I've already done that, but the new button is still not
>visible. The configuration dialog windows says that it is
>present, but it's not (and it is not in the "extra"

this is strange it's compare in my kmail...:S


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